Nov 17, 2014

she's aliiiiive!

hi, friends! i apologize for the nearly five-month break from blogging. truth be told, not much has been going on around here house-wise. fish has been working crazy hours...and i've been concentrating on art. ART.

now that K is in preschool four days a week and H is on a reliable napping schedule, i've been able to fit in a lot of creative time for myself. i've been oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing, practicing calligraphy, weaving...

...and in the midst of doing all that, i decided to open a shop to sell my art. if you're curious, you can check it out at www.mariorr.com. there are originals, prints, textile art, and more.

i also decided to start a blog, documenting my artistic endeavors: meandering mari. i plan to continue documenting our home decor and improvement projects here, at crab+fish, while keeping my painting and shop news over on meandering mari. 

as for our house projects, we completed the powder room and i LOVE it. i still need to take photos of the finished room -- once i do, i'll post them here. over the winter, we don't have anything major planned. we do have some small projects on our list, like replacing the coat closet door and turning the sunroom closet into a built-in desk area.

thanks so much for sticking with us! i'll be back soon, but in the meantime, you can find me on instagram (@meandering_mari) and Facebook (Mari Orr Art)!

* mari