Jun 19, 2014

powder room reno:
the ceiling and light for under $50

sigh. it seems like i vow to get back on a regular posting schedule every week and then...life happens. it's so hard to get back in the groove, but i'm trying. thanks for sticking with us! :)

so far in our powder room reno, i've covered the floor and the walls. now, for a long overdue update on the last surface: the ceiling. we managed to diy a plank ceiling and vintage-looking light fixture for less than $50!

sigh, the ceiling. the dingy, old, plaster ceiling. we debated just painting it white, but it was so uneven, we thought it easiest to just cover it completely. we decided to try our hand at a diy plank ceiling.

we bought quarter-inch oak plywood because we were initially planning to stain the boards. after i saw the black paint on the walls and considered the dark tones of the door (to be revealed shortly!), i decided to paint the planks white instead. we also briefly considered white-washing them instead of straight-up painting, but since we're going to go back and fill in nail holes, i thought patch-painting a whitewashed board would be difficult.

the room is around 4.5 x 5' so we bought two four-foot-square oak plywood boards -- for less than $25.

fish cut the boards into 5.5" wide planks.

he then cut the planks into lengths of one, two, three, and four feet.
 no picture, but we rolled on two coats of behr ultra bright white (ie untinted).

fish used liquid nails and a nailgun to install the planks in a "random" pattern on the ceiling. confession: we sat down and planned the placement of the boards so it would look random.

...but, with all that planning, we accidentally drew our chart one plank short. argh! 
thanks to the missing plank, you can tell just how dingy the old ceiling is.

next, we turned our attention to the light. 

here's the old fixture.
it's perfectly fine, just not our style. 

we've been casually searching for a fixture for the past few months -- meaning we'd wander down the lighting aisle in any home improvement stores we happened to be in. nothing was really catching our eye.

then, we saw an episode of rehab addict that changed. our. lives. 

...okay, not really. but, we were amazed at how nicole curtis transformed a meh flushmount into something unique by simply leaving off the glass shades, spraypainting the fixture black, and using pretty bulbs.

so, on his next trip to home depot, fish texted this picture to me:
i loved it!

buying the three old-timey lightbulbs cost more than the fixture.
$10 each, ouch.

the base of the new light is smaller than the hole left by the previous fixture:
...but it's not a problem because we covered the hole with planks anyway. 

now, nicole sprayed her fixture black, but since we're trying to pull in the gold from our splurge item, my dream faucet...
***pause to appreciate***

...fish sprayed the light fixture with my trusty rustoleum metallic, in gold.

here's an evening shot, with the lights on. keep in mind, this is before we filled in the nail holes on the plank ceiling.

next, fish installed crown moulding, filled in the nail holes, and put another coat of paint on the ceiling. final view, looking up:

light fixture detail:

i am so so SO in love with the powder room up until this point. i wish you could stand in the doorway and see everything all at once. the room is tiny and impossible to photograph altogether. here's the best i could do:
...but imagine you can see the light fixture too!
and ignore the doorframe -- it's a work in progress. ;)

SO...that's where we're at.
stay tuned!

* mari
Land Of Nod: Design for Kids and People That Used to be Kids


  1. What a great idea - I'm sure I could find one of those lights at a Rehab store.

  2. You might be doing the renovation slowly, but you’re absolutely doing it surely. Great job on the ceiling and light fixture. As I read your previous updates, I can say you’ll end up with a fabulous powder room. Don’t forget to keep your updates up, Mari! I’m so excited to see the house once everything's finished. :)

    Tamas Orban @ Palm Beach County Contractor


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