Jun 26, 2014

update: front room

over the past four or five months, we've added a few new elements to the front room. nothing deserving of its own post, but here's an update on how the room is coming along overall.

i'm trying to get to a place of less is more. i do love me some tchotchkes -- but i hate the overall cluttered feeling that happens with too much displayed. the house gets messy enough with a preschooler on the roam! ;)

Jun 19, 2014

powder room reno:
the ceiling and light for under $50

sigh. it seems like i vow to get back on a regular posting schedule every week and then...life happens. it's so hard to get back in the groove, but i'm trying. thanks for sticking with us! :)

so far in our powder room reno, i've covered the floor and the walls. now, for a long overdue update on the last surface: the ceiling. we managed to diy a plank ceiling and vintage-looking light fixture for less than $50!

Jun 7, 2014

garbage-picked planter boxes

i was on my way to drop off K at camp when i saw a pile of treasures on the curb, ripe for the taking. sure, it was no more than five or seven houses down from ours, but i have no shame when it comes to garbage-picking. we use our family calendar constantly and K's dump truck is still going strong!

i spotted two of these wood planter boxes and snatched them up.

Jun 2, 2014

powder room reno:
the walls

i know: this is the slowest bathroom renovation EVER. fish has actually been working really hard on it, but since his real job claims 65-80 of his hours every week, there's just not much time left over for house projects.

the last time i talked about the powder room, i was fawning over the gooorgeous hex tile floor fish laid. next step: the walls!